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  • Muffin will change how you manage money

    Muffin is a Kitty / Committee on an App. Approaching a bank for a loan or overdrawing on your credit card may be inconvenient or downright expensive. Kitties are easy to form and convenient to take money from.


    Its a sure-shot and inexpensive way of accumulating money for lifestyle expenses, car purchases, sudden emergencies and for overall prudent financial planning.

  • Muffin Features


    Heavily curated community reduces risk of default, protecting subscriber money


    All kinds of possible reports and all of your signed agreements are available within the App

    Socially Driven

    Empowers your circle to lend to each other instead of looking for institutional loans


    Important data is encrypted, app is PIN protected & sensitive actions need two factor authentication

  • Why use Muffin?

    Create separate pockets for each need, its the best way to make sure you have enough for everything in life

  • 42 year old legacy

    Unblemished record of a 42 year old finance business

    Government Registered

    All our groups are registered and regulated by the Delhi Government

    Immediate and easy Payments

    Receivables work by bank auto-debit; all transactions are automated

    Transparent group mechanics

    Registered agreements, bidding & all kinds of reports available on app

    Super easy Documentation

    We don't make you sign a 70 page agreements, its really really simple

  • Muffin is secure

    All the money in a Muffin remains with people who have been exhaustively checked for credit worthiness, just like yourself. We, at Muffin, do not invest your money anywhere and ensure all payments and transfers are made immediately.

    • All members credit checked
    • Best-in-class triangulated credit worthiness assessment
    • All groups registered with the Delhi State
    • Unblemished record of 40 years
    • Adequate reserve funds for each group